Taktarov on a beer diet for a Hollywood movie role


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In Nizhny Novgorod hosted Preview of the Russian-American film called "Oil Painting". In work on the film into our countrymen took part - a native of Sarov Oleg Taktarov starred in one of the main roles, and businessman Denis Kozlov, who was once the post of head of the secretariat of the mayor of Nizhni Novgorod, acted as one of the producers of the picture, too, played a minor role.
- My old friend of Peter, Eugene Savchuk, called me and said that they are beginning a new project and it will be American-Russian and will be removed in Hollywood. A week later I was in Los Angeles, - said Denis Kozlov. - This is my debut in the full sense - and as a producer and as an actor. I hope I have not spoiled.
Oleg Taktarov admitted that filming "Oil Painting", he had a little better. As he says himself - razryhlet.
- I just drank this beer. Suffice it a couple of days and everything - I ryhlenky.
In addition, the actor had to change, and their tastes and habits of dress.
- I wore all the things that I never wear - yellow shirts (the color I usually do not wear), small glasses, Rastamanskaya cap, shorts, shale ... Get this image "Beach combat" -podkabluchnika. The person who passed through fire and water, but now it looks like America dressed children and adolescents, and to imitate them. He's not in shape. Once he took part in the fighting, but it was in the past about this, we can only guess. I did not want in any case to play some kind of Superman.
The filmmakers say that tape turned out enough budget, but at the same time and quality. Although originally intended that "oil painting" is more oriented to the Russian audience, after the pre-show showed great interest and American audiences.
- Western audiences love it when we keep its authenticity. They want to know what Russian people think that they appreciate. It turned out that we are not adjusting to the foreign audience, thus please him - explains Oleg Taktarov. - In general, it is fairly straightforward, cheerful, mischievous comedy. We want people to just come up with popcorn, they laughed and said - it was fun.

Wow that looks awful.

Looks atrocious. The only good part of that trailer is Oleg saying "I'm not gonna do you this."