Taku intervals for shadowboxing?

Has anybody here tried this? How was it? If no one has
tried it what do you think of the idea? I am going to
give it a go when I get rid of this cold.

Punch out drills are better for this. non stop straight punches on a heavy bag for the duration of each interval!

I don't see why it wouldn't work.

I'm sure you could apply Taku's intervals to many different types of activities besides just sprints.

I train thai boxing so I would be kicking and kneeing
as well as punching.

Beev- I was thinking more along the line's of a way to
train at home , and I have nowhere tohang a heavy bag.
Have you tried the intervals with just shadow boxing?

m.g :thats what I was thinking.

Not sure that would work.I have done the punches on a heavy bag for time,but never just shadow boxed.Try it and let us know how it goes.

it would have to be pretty intense shadowboxing wouldnt it?, like imitating Belforts beatdown of Silva.


Yeah, I train Thai Boxing too! when I have been strapped for time, and I have had to train at home (which is not good for me!) I have used takus Intervals and done either straight punching, as opposed to full shadow boxing, or simulated a clinch and thrown skip knees continuously for phase 2 or phase 3 of Taku's intervals!

A good way to keep pushing yourself is to count up how many straight punches/knees you throw for the entire interval and try to beat that number in the next interval! you could also take some combos from the Bas rutten MMA Workout and work them into the intervals!

A good combo would be jab, cross, left knee repeated throughout the entire interval! do them with full speed, power and intensity, like Bas does during the workout and for the rest periods of the intervals you could focus on just moving and blocking, as you would with regular shadowboxing! Count how many times you perform the combo during the interval, then try to beat that number on the next interval!

Hope that helps mate!


Not good IMO. I coach MT and shadowboxing at an intensity high enough to get your heart rate up to Taku-like levels can play hell on your joints.

It would be good to do in between sprint intervals or cals, but on it's own it's just not that intense. Plus I tend to think focusing too much on power when you're training MT will make you tense up unconsciously and ultimately limit your power and speed with you fight.

I've started them doing hill reps now - just to shake it up for me. Its working quite; use arms more now. You got knockbracken right there outside your house. Plus it will solve that calf question you had.

Beev: I was thinking skip knee's might be good also,
thank's for your input. Are you english? what is your
gym? there was a couple of english guy's fighting
in Belfast on sunday past. From bad company gym I
think. Have you heard of them?

Iceberg Slim: do you think it would be worse for your
joint's than running? Also what about focusing on
speed more than power?

Crunion: did you know Tim Robbins was drinking in the
Hatfield last night!! He was singing with the band
and dancing!


Yeah im from England. I have heard of Bad Company and they are a good gym! A guy from my gym fought one of their guys for a title but lost.

Seriously, if you could get a bag at home, hang one up and do the skip knees! I mean completely knee tha fuck out of that bag for the entire duration of the interval!

Imagine your kneeing the nads of some shit you caught shagging your woman :)

I tried doing Taku, intervals with shadow boxing. Didn't really feel I was working hard enough. I added sprawl into the workout and it helped but still didn't feel it was quite intense enough. Better than nothing though.

That depends on your knees, I guess. The problem with shadowboxing in the context of interval training is that you will probably either:

Snap your punches to full extension too hard, which is wearing on your joints...


Punch with poor form (short punches, no rotation, etc.) which can cause all sorts of wear and tear and also mess up your punching form in the long term.

The knees on the bag was a great idea, I think you should do that (along with leg kicks, teeps, etc) with the shadow boxing being the "easy" part of the interval.


They had two guy's fighting. A win and a loss. The guy
who lost was ko'd in the third round by a guy from my
gym. He was called Mark "the predator" Lee. The other
guy from their gym won by first round ko.

I have a bag, just nowhere suitable to hang it :-(

I see what you are saying Iceberg, thanks for the
input everybody.

Antonio: You should have got him to into vivo to ask the guy if he had a problem. Was he doing a documentary on degenerate scumbags and came into your bar:)

Iceberg Slim,

Good point about the shadow boxing and its affect on the joints and form.

I need to keep that advice in mind.