Taku's Routine - Tabata

Hello all and Taku.

I am seeing a lot of threads on what exercises to use with Taku's Tabata routine, and I have been thinking about what I should do for exercises.

Would everyone list there top five Non-Machine exercises that they like to use for the routine?

-What I mean by Non-Machine is any exercise that can be done without equipment or with easy to obtain equipment.

-What I mean by 'Like' is the exercise most likely to make you wish you were dead. Can any of us honestly say that we like tabata?

Thank you all.


Try it with Burpees.... all you need is the floor and it can be very hard doing it this way.


So C-Hamzeh,
What other exercises have you used that seem effective?


Straight punches on a heavy bag, hard and fast, have been tough for me as well... I've seen many boxing trainers do heavy bag sprints so it made sense.

Really depends on what is easier/harder for you. On limited equipment, I'd say burpees, sprints, and dumbbell swings are all good.


So far.


  1. Burpees

  2. Straight punches on a heavy bag

  3. Sprints

  4. Dumbbell swings

there's the CrossFit 'tabata this' workout, which incorporates a variety of exercises: http://www.mitymous.net/weights/xfitfaq.htm#28

I've seen dumbbell thrusters used as well.

These are for tabata intervals, not sure how they'd work for Taku's ... adjust to personal preference I guess.


That's a lot of views with no replies.

Come on folks pipe up.

I'm a lazy bastard who needs a bunch of different exercises for motivation.

Thanx to all who posted so far.

Bear crawls, sand bag carries, sand bag cleans, sand bag drags or sled drags.

I've done a series of Tabata intervals using bodyweight squats, sandbag upright rows, sandbag curls, sandbag two hand tricep extensions, sit ups, and weighted push ups.

This was doing a full 4 minute tabata interval for each exercise.

The Tabata This program from Crossfit uses bodyweight squats, pull ups, sit ups, rows, and push ups.

You score it by counting your reps on everything but the rows for each 20 second interval and the score for each individual exercise is based on the lowest number of reps done during a single 20 second work cycle.

The rows are usually done on an aerodyne rower and you use the least amount of calories burned in an individual work cycle.

If you don't have a rower I was told by a Crossfit instructor to use a 45 lb bar and do an almost clean pull/row. Drop the bar below the knees and as you come up you drive your hips and pull the bar up high under your chin and lean way back.

For mudnamers:


BTW, I like burpees and bear crawls as well.

That's a great FAQ for Crossfit.

Thanks Stickyfoot.

I've been using that for info for the past 5 or 6 months.

I wish they would update it with the new named work outs.

Heh, stickfoot am I a 'mudnamer'? =)

  • squat thrust/tuck jumps (the burpee variation where you end each one with a max jump, bringing your knees up to your chest)

  • sit outs

  • sprawl, then shoot a double as fast as you can. Repeat.

  • Mountain climbers

  • Bungee pushes or pulls with a Lifeline PowerPushup device

  • Heavy bag clean and press

  • Crab walk

  • Bear crawl

When I do them, I try to include both total body exercises that blast the lungs and legs, as well as something that fries my upper body pushing and pulling muscles.


lol yes you are a mudnamer. :)

This is what everyone has posted so far.

--No Equipment--


Straight punches on a heavy bag


Bear crawls

bodyweight squats

sit ups

Squat-Right kick-Squat-Left Kick on Heavy bag

Sit outs

Sprawl, then shoot a double as fast as you can.

Mountain climbers

Crab walk


Sandbag carries

Sandbag cleans

Sandbag drags

Sandbag upright rows

Sandbag curls

Sandbag two hand tricep extensions

--Dumbbell Exercises--

Dumbbell swings

Dumbbell snatches

Dumbbell clean and jerks

--Other Equipment--

sled drags

Weighted push ups

Heavy bag clean and press

Thanx guys. Some great suggestions there. Keep Em coming.


Pardon my ignorance but could anyone explain what are "sitouts"?


knee to shoulder mountain climbers

sprawl and catch plyro med ball off wall

duckwalk 10 feet then driving jump on bungee shot cords

juprope runs

overspeed sprints -using partner holding resistance on a strap around you waist ,for the first 15yds of your sprint.

For sheer simplicity, do running on the spot without moving, with high knee lifting.

For a super intense burpee, do what I call a seven count flying pushup:
1.Drop so you are in squat, with hands on floor.
2.Shoot legs out into pushup position.
3.Lower into the bottom of the pushup.
4.Explode up so that you fly off the floor and you are fully airborne, your body parallel to the floor.When you come down, use your arms as shock absorbers and land in the bottom of the pushup position.
5.Push up to top of pushup.
6.Tuck legs back in to squat position.
7.Stand up.(This can also be made even more intense by jumping up and even double more intense by tucking knees up when you jump up.)

When you do the flying pushup, wouldnt that unnecessary strain on your arms?


For sure it could, but not necessarily so.
In any case, you always warm up very well, no?
They are quite hard to do (the plyometric pushup part)
so you are not going to be able to do that many anyways. I feel that regardless of the activity, amount of warmup, what sport it is, how correctly you execute technique, etc., there will always be strains, twists, pulls, and various degrees of injury involved in any type of exercise or sport.There is not an athlete out there that has not injured himself in one way or another and we always return to the activity regardless.
The flying pushup adds a level of difficulty and power development to the burpees.They are very explosive.
Try them and choose to add them to your routine if you take to them naturally and if not, don't. There are infinite ways to increase difficulty in any workout.
Choose whatever feels best to you, but definitely push past your comfort zone.

Thanx for the input everyone.

TTT for Taku and Scrapper to chime in.