Tal Farlow, Tommy Flanagan, Red...

... Mitchell. "Fascinatin' Rhythm".

Farlow has made a living primarily as a sign painter in New Jersey. One of the great guitarists; he nevertheless hasn't found music too remunerative. Tommy Flanagan is one of the great all-time pianists. I just thought I'd share this, since the SG has been almost dead today!

Thats amazing! I can't believe Farlow can't make a living with that kind of
talent, he's one of those guys jazz guitarist talk about in hushed
whispers. And Tommy Flanagan is awesome, I love Jazz poet and Giant
steps. Whos the maniac hippy on bass?

The bass player is Chuck Norris. I mean, Red Mitchell. A pretty prolific, west-coast "journeyman" type, I suppose. Played with Woody Herman's orchestra, and a bunch with Hampton Hawes (a pianist you'll have to get to at some point, if you're still interest in piano trios, DasBeaver!). He's done a bunch in Europe with Gillespie, again big-band situations... I don't know his recordings as a leader at all, but there are a string of them.

Farlow seemed to get into music and out of it in decade-long spurts.... but even when he's playing out, he's painting signs. Or was. Not sure when he retired. But he's playing the great gig in the sky, now.

Holy crazy fingers! That was nuts.

Thanks for posting that vid.

Yeah, Farlow's nuts... and that's even pretty sloppy for him. Very informal.

It's interesting how many of these old timers were total shred-monsters, before anyone knew :-)

I saw a rare Tal Farlow live perfomance at the Paul Masson Mountain Winery years ago. Just awesome.

Tal Farlow and Lenny Breau. "My Funny Valentine". Just 'cause there wasn't enough guitar talent in the room before.

Just brilliant.

my saxophone teacher was friends with tommy, used to smoke weed with him.

red mitchell played on don byas's famous recording of i got rhythm, he also is the name you think of when you think of that style of bass soloing where the bass player humms along with his bowing.

Edit --

demandango -- aren't you thinking of Slam Stewart?

fuck, maybe i am lol

that would make more sense chronology wise wouldn't it, i knew something felt weird when i wrote that lol.

anyway, the other thing is true haha.

And anyway, it reminds me to go get some Don Byas -- thanks!

to my credit i did write that after staying up all night.