Talented fighter you dont know

Jason Halderman out of Northern Kentucky and CIncinnati. Sick ground fighter, hits like a truck. Possibly the illegitemate offspring of Matt HUghes and Sean SHerk.

If you want to sponsor an upcoming fighter, this is the guy you should get. Nothing but a class act.

Trains out of Better Bodies in Ky, SACAN in West Chester, and Jorge Gurgels gym in West Chester.


Should get up a highlight if you can.

there are a lot of these guys...take for instance say maybe Tim Stout. Hits like a mack truck and has great jitsu.

jason is a 155'er. He is a purple belt who taps out black belts. he is not a regular "no namer" , this guy is a monster on the ground.

we are working on a highlight

Matt Hughes & Sherk could successfully mate?

well you have to be creative. he looks a little like sherk, with a matt hughes head. but he would tool both of them in jiu jitsu. and he is strong as an ox.

he taps blackbelts for afternoon brunch

Full Contact Fighter shows him as 1-2 with only 1 fight in the last two years.

Seems pretty premature to be asking for sponsorship.

Rolando Higueros, from Chicago.

He's the Devil, literally.

I have trained w/ him for about 7 yrs. and he is Basically my instructor.

He was main training partner of Shonie Carter, Brian Gassaway. and Terry Martin.

But he had a regular job and he had kids.

When he was active, he took care of business, beating people up in fights in Chicago, Jason Chambers, Jeff Curran (in a Pancrase match), and others.

Then he fought in the Shidokan. His first fight was against Richard Tremell, the 3x Shidokan Champ!

He lost a dec. but he had Tremell in a solid armbar the last 6 sec. of that fight. He went against the Remy Bonjansky of Shidokan and was very close to tapping him. In Shidokan, it is 2 rnds. Bare Knuckle, 2nds. Thai Boxing, and the last 2 rnds. its MMA w/ out strikes on the ground.

He was the best I ever rolled w/ period. He was the best well rounded fighter I ever saw/experienced.

He's still a bad MF-er!

smac - he works full time. and took a break. his record is different than that. he's getting back into the game more though.

i said hes a good guy to pick up now before he really explodes

Mark Munoz. 2001 NCAA champ at 197. 1-0, debuted recently and has at least one fight in September. Rolled with Vera and Vera gave him serious props for his skills.

Also apparently has a crazy-low heart rate. Did some cardio test or something to get athletes' heart rates up and the guy administering the test said the only guy he'd ever seen with a better recovery rate was Lance Armstrong.

Bump for veng.


and me