Tales of travel mishap

On a plane ride home from Vegas:

An elderly man begins hitting his wife in the face and flipping out. He tries to pull the hatch on the plane. My dad who is a doctor goes over to try and calm him down. He bites my dad's hand hard enough to draw blood.

They restrain the guy and my dad duct tapes his head to the chair. The guy hasn't stopped fighting one bit and is significantly stronger than the average man.

The guy manages to rip his head out of the tape, tearing out clumps of hair in the process. An off duty cop rams his forearm into the guys neck and the guy bounces him into the ceiling headfirst.

Finally the plane crew produces drugs and they are able to force the guy to swallow pills by covering his nose and mouth.

The pilot wants to do an emergency landing but my dad convinces him not to. Upon landing they give my family free first class tickets.

Weeks later the guy and his wife come into my dads office and give him a huge basket full of wine and smelly cheeses.

True story.

Guy apparently had alzheimer's.