Talk about Your teams Draft PIck..


As a Skins fan I am soooooo looking foward to us trading the 6 pick for either some 5 and 6th round pics or trading it outright for this years past his prime player to be let go after 1-2 years. God I hate the draft. We better draft Landry, Okoye, or Adams.

Adian peterson for MN. I hope his collar bone holds up.

The Lions have to trade down right?

Heard on the radio yesterday that a trade with Denver was a done deal:

Tatum Bell, Al WIlson, and #21 for Dre Bly and #2.

Matt Millen woke up the next morning with "thanks, but no thanks".

Shannahan locked in on Calvin Johnson and made a serious push for him.

More talk of the Broncos moving up to #10. I'd rather see them hold onto #21 and draft the best player on the board. The positions of need for Denver are some of the deepest in the draft.

I read that Detroit didn't want out of the top 10. Maybe Denver wants to trade with Houston to get in the top 10 and make a move for CJ?

If so that is like a Ricky Williams trade imo for the cost it would take to get one player. 303 would not be happy methinks.

gusto, I think either Aaron Ross or Chris Houston will be there at CB. Matter of fact if the Texans trade with DEN and go CB at 21 I think it'll be one of them unless someone falls. Maybe you'll get leftovers?

Chris Houston is good.

Commisioner is out. The DRAFT has OFFICIALLY STARTED!

JaMarcus Russell to the Raiders!!!

No suprise here, JM is a Raider. We needed a quarterback and couldnt pass him up. With Greg Knapp and Kiffen i see good things for this guy. Lets not forget Knapp turned a scrawny little Jeff Garcia into a pro bowl quarterback.

yes its a big time gamble, but a gamble that you have to take

Calvin Johnson is the 4th WR in 5 years the Lions take in the 1st. But there's a good chance he'll be the 2nd one to actually pan out ;)

There is also a good chance he will be traded to Tampa Bay

Browns could've went Quinn, Peterson, or Thomas and they made the best pick.

its not a sexy pick, but a great one nonetheless. BTW did u see that hott girl brown fan booing. lol

lol, she's just upset because now she's gotta be a Joe Thomas groupie.

But now they've got a good OL as opposed to a maybe he'll succeed maybe he wont qb. This is good for the owner if they choose to fire Crennel sometime in the next 2 seasons. Now they aren't stuck with a franchise qb.

Next up Arizona, joe thomas is off the board. I'd say they go with D, or pick up Adrian Peterson. You got to get that guy, even though u have edge.

Mr. levi brown- arizona

First reach of the draft!!!

Although if the Cardinals are gonna reach they might as well reach an an OL. AD wont do any better than Edge. Good reach for the Cardinals.

Brown may or may not be a good LT in the NFL but he will more than likely be a really good RT and Leinart is a lefty so...

So true, Leinart needs protection, would thing he had at USC. I predict AD to minnesota