Talk Me About This Weapon Please " Delta 5" DD


DELTA 5® 6.5 Creedmoor





DELTA 5® .308




Can anyone help me and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each caliber.  The Creedmoor has a 24 inch barrel, and the .308 has a 20 inch barrel. 


Which would be better?  What would be a good optics choice for this?



I have always wanted a long range weapon. Know zero about them.  IS there a better choice then this perhaps out there I should look into?

The creedmoor is the superior round and very available.  I just bought that exact rifle.  I'm very impressed and it drives tacks.  Get the creedmoor

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I thought they shot bullets.

LoveSomeOreos - 

The creedmoor is the superior round and very available.  I just bought that exact rifle.  I'm very impressed and it drives tacks.  Get the creedmoor

So you got the Daniel Defense ?

I get the emails advertising it.

Did you read or hear reviews of it before purchase ?

What is the scoop ?

To OP if you are looking for a bolt action something that has cut my eye for a while, but have yet to own is a Christensen Arms with carbon fiber ( wrap or whatever ) barrel.

They feel very lightweight In a similar price range

May want to check out as an option

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What is yalls preferred weaponary say that a playa wanted to pull a kickdoe on one of da ops?

Forrest Spliffn -

What is yalls preferred weaponary say that a playa wanted to pull a kickdoe on one of da ops?

What does this have to do with Mexican beaches?

At that price point there are definitely things I would go for before that but YMMV. Im sure it would be find and last most casual shooters a life time. 


"Most" people arent going to burn out even a short lived barrel like a 6.5.


My question also would be whats your intended usage? Are you just looking to punch paper and ring steel at long range? Or do you intend to hunt with this as well?


Also I hope you have the coin to invest in some high quality glass for it! 

Also whilst it has a higher BC, the 6.5 doesnt begin to shine over .308 until you get into the longer ranges. It stays super sonic at longer distances etc.

Running .308 out to 500-800 all day isnt a problem at all and the off the shelf load selection is pretty fucking solid. 


Personally if I was going bolt gun there are rounds I would choose over 6.5 creed' but thats just personal preference and getting into performance minutiae.

If you don't have access to a long distance range, the 6.5 Creedmor won't give you much over the .308 in the hands of most shooters.

Considering ammo prices, though, the Creedmor isn't a bad option for any purpose. Match grade is on par with .308, and basic rounds are cheaper in some cases.

Although keep in mind you can find Ruger Precision Rifles in Gen 3 config for 1200 bucks right now. Put the extra 500 toward good glass.

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Credmore with a 24" barrel will have you good to go out to 1000yds plus. 

Bergara B-14 HMR

In the reviews of the DD you see the rifle above mentioned quite a bit at a much better price.

People mentioning the Ruger is also probably a solid option.

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Watch the Sniper 101 series. But here is cartridge choices. the 6.5 is not on there but it gives you an idea of how complex choices are.

There are 101 videos with him. Understanding bullets really changes a lot of decisions.

A nice thing is the 6.5 and many others are based on the 308. So I have a Remington 700 tactical. But with just the 700 as a base you can change it from a 308 to a 6.5, google it.

Many other rounds outperform the 308 that were based on it as a parent round.

Daniel Defense makes great guns. Great choice.

I am looking into long range shooting now, but expect to spend a lot on optics.

Just a side note, as I have been watching the sniper 101 series, I didn't realize that a better performing bullet has the weight in the back. This is why so many long range rounds are hollow points.

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A pretty good article on 308 vs 6.5 creedmoor. The 6.5 took down a big Elk

I own this scope

But Leupold has a lifetime warranty even if you sell it or buy a used one.

But the custom shop is awesome. They can update your old one. They do custom engraving. But Something I like, have not done, it when you get your ranges figured out they can make the dials to read specifically for your gun and ammunition.

Check out custom shop and custom dials

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BTW, I have limited knowledge. This is what I am getting from people that do. Any long range shooters please add.


either one . 308 is very basic with a shitload of  ammo availability. spend your money on a good scope. 


also go to a good three day or more long range school. you will be good to go. 


get in shape. you really want your heart rate to be as slow and steady as possible. if you wear contacts or glasses, get them updated. 


find a good cheap range. at least 500 yards to start. 


Barrel life is very different between the 2 calibers. A good 308 barrel will hold accuracy for 5000+ rounds depending on how hard you abuse it. A 6.5 CM will hold up for about 3000 ish.

The BC on the 6.5 projectiles is much higher, cuts wind better, flatter trajectory great selection on ammo. It costs a bit more than .308.

Gas guns are going to run a shorter barrel life than bolt guns due to the higher rate of fire/tendency to shoot faster with a semi-auto. Gas guns also are more apt to reveal flaws in your shooting fundamentals due to increased lock time. Gas guns set up incorrectly will also tear up your brass making reloading more expensive/problematic if that applies to you. If you don't reload its not a factor.

I have both and use both regularly. The 6.5 is great in any kind of wind over the 308. Impacts are easier to spot with heavier rounds out past 800yds or so. It gets harder to see any signature with smaller/lighter bullets.