Talk to me about this Vovchanchyn...

in the UFC at 185 in 2012...

(Bluenamers, some help with the link)

BTW, the punches thrown/landed total in this fight has to be deep, deep into the triple digits.

 Will probably fair well against guys who are slow.

But remember dropping down doesnt help him much. He was already powerful at HW but his main advantage was his speed aganst bigger guys imo. Same reason Fedor had more problems with smaller guys. Same reason Kid dropped to 135 and started to suck (1 of many).

Speed kills BUT 185 doesnt have that many great fighters so i can see him destroying most there


Wow I've seen Varlans get his butt kicked before but that was bad. What a huge weight discrepancy in the fight too.

That was just about prime Igor. What a friggin beast! In todays game he'd be one hell of a LHW, no doubt, a great fighter!

Igor did cut to 185 towards the end of his career, but it was too little, too late. His hand was pretty badly injured, he was on his way out, and Pride was fizzling.

Igor was easily one of the most dangerous strikers to date. I loved his style.

I always wanted to see him against both Wanderlei and Vitor back in the day.

During Wanderlei's tear through Pride, Igor is the one guy IMO that could have KO'ed him with one solid casting punch.

Igor was kind of a counter-striker and with Wandy's agro-style back then, it coulda been lights out real quick if he bull-charged in and Igor released the fury.

During the 2005 Pride GP, had Vitor beaten Overeem, the Vitor/Igor fight would have actually happened. Was always pissed that it didn't. Instead, both got subbed with the Overeem guillotine!