If you haven't visited this wonderful site you should go there right now!

Very thorough - and it addresses in detail all the supposed arguments against evolution. It also illustrates how backwards and ignorant creationists are because they still trot out the same crap.

1. There are no transitionary fossils - Ummm, yes there are and the site provides many examples.

2. Nobody has observed evolution - Ummm, yes they have and the site again provides many examples.

I don't think I have to continue with "Piltdown Man" and other crappy nonsense they spout, you get the picture.

It's ALL there!

In fact, next time some moron posts arguments against evolution they should just post the URL of that site.

Wow! That's the end of my years of faith right there!

HELWIG - I should've been more clear.

religious nut-case = someone who believes in the literal interpretation of the bible, or close to literal interpretation.

reasonable religous person = someone who has decided to accept christ (if you're christian) into their heart but acknowledges that science and faith are seperate.

You don't have to be atheist to believe in evolution.

"In fact, next time some moron posts arguments against evolution they should just post the URL of that site."

I do that on the OG all the time :)


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there are many people that are far from idiots that believe in the inerrancy of scipture. Please refrain from being so pedantic :).

Though I don't believe as fundy's do, there are some very inteligent men out there that don't believe as you do. I will ask them not to call you blinded, hell bound, son of a monkey, so please do not call them your special pet names either thanks.

the rev


As long as we can all agree that they are cut from the same cloth as flat-earthers.


Don't shut up!


Oh, I just love everybody!

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the rev



Really? Is that someplace in Pomona CA? How hard is it to find a job in H - E - double hockey sticks nowadays?


Pomona is hell.

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the rev

I am an Old earth Creationist..along the lines of Hugh Ross. Do I beleive the Bible literaly?..well i beleive the Bible esp. gen. uses words and time lines that make it eaiser for the human brain to comprehend... Could god of used evolution to create life?...sure he's God..he does whatever he wants. Do I beleive in evolution...some of I believe in the Big Bang theroy...YES...Do I have a problem with science...OF COURSE NOT...I LIKE SCIENCE...if I did then i wouldnt be using a computer right now...I'd probably be at a barn raising.

yours in Christ


sherm, whatever parts of evolution you have a problem with - talkorigins will calm them. They have answered all the nonsensical gobbledegook that Hugh Ross has spouted and more.

What reasons have you for accepting Hugh Ross's position? All of his "arguments" have been addressed, and the only thing keeping his position alive is christian wishful thinking.

Evolution is a fact, and if I were a christian, it would show how the amazing complexity and sublime elegance of the lords creation.

By trying to ignore the facts of evolution to adhere, even in part, to an age old myth would be an insult to the Lord. It would be like saying "I refuse to see the beauty in the truth of your creation because I DON'T want to understand it"

I say shake off your fears and prejudices and read "the Selfish Gene" or "The Blind WatchMaker" and marvel at one of Gods True masterpieces of design.

TalkOrigins is definately a kick ass website!!!

Robert...i just said God could use whatever he wanted to use to create life..but seriously the hows arent important to me..i really don't need to know the answers to everything..there is a verse from psalms..."be silent and Know that I am God" me it doesnt matter how he created life...there are Christians who believe whole heartedly in evolution and stil believe that there is a human soul and that jesus is who he says he is....Ram bam the jewish philosopher thought that it was the creation of the soul that makes us in God's image...not the physical body. by the way Hugh Ross is an OE creationist..he believes the earth is billions of years old. i do not agree with him on everything he believes there was death in the garden from predators and such...but anywho. What it boils down to if you enjoy debating and trying to understand everything..I seriously wish you the best...for me personally it doesnt matter...what matters is my faith,my wife and children,etc. etc.

yours in Christ


"What it boils down to if you enjoy debating and trying to understand everything..I seriously wish you the best...for me personally it doesnt matter...what matters is my faith,my wife and children,etc. etc."

Sherm, I wish you the best as well.

But do you know how seriously dangerous that whole sentiment is? From a non-religious perspective it seems your the perfect candidate to push around, belief wise. Anyone who doesn't wish to expend energy in trying to understand is setting themselves up.

From a religious perspective - If you're going to form a personal relationship with God then surely understanding more about him would help you on your way. Understanding as much as you can about his works would help you know him better, and bring you closer.

And ANY form of creationism is either - From a non-religious perspective: a mockery of logic. or - From a religious perspective : a mockery of Gods work.

It doesn't work either way.

But, anyway; I wish you all the best of happiness for you and your family.

Robert thanks

How am i setting myself up....creation,evolution,etc...doesnt hold any interest for me... i honestly don't care where we came from...that may be hard to believe...but it's true...for me it's not where we came from, but where we are going thats important...i don't have the time nor the interest in it to be concerned...and yet you've failed to ask me what I consider creation and what is my take on appear to of labeled me as a literal biblical creationist...I've said in other posts that i am an OE creationist...I've said the the book of Gen. uses words and dates and happenings to help man grasp the uncomprehendable. Do I believe in the six day creation?..well since i believe that God lives outside of time and is not subject to it's i do not believe it's a literal six days....I believe that man is an animal like all others...probably where we would differ is i believe man has a soul.

Evolution seems to be an area of science that you are interested in. and thats've impressed me with your knowledge on the area of expertise{lol if I have one} is history...I'm also interested in Astronomy. For me I just find biology boring.

plus I'm not that easy to push around ;-]

yours in Christ


sherm, one of the best ways to know where you're going - or what you have to do to get where you want to go - is to know where you came from.

Know thyself.

Your interest is in history? I enjoy reading history as well (actually just about every subject) -- they're not actually that different.

In fact evolution is the love-child of history and biology!

Basically the problem with OEC is that as more completely undeniable facts as obvious and easily understandable as the spherical nature of the earth (such as how old it is) become available, they try to jury-rig the creation myth to fit.That's why OEC was dreamed up in the first place.

robert I understand where your coming from and I respect your views...but go ahead ask me what my beliefs on creation are?...hopefuly that will clear things up a little ;]

yours in christ


Serious question for those who are both Christian and evolutionist: Why is it not mentioned at all in the bible? And in fact it's made to seem the complete opposite. I'm not talking about adaptation, but that man came from a "common ape ancestor"(I'm sure this isn't technicaly the right term but you get the point) A non-believer will simply say that the Bible only contains the knowledge that man had at the time it was written. But to a Christian who believes in it why are things so?

Once you visit you can then visit the antithesis I actually like both sites. But I've been disinteresed in the whole apologetic, creationist kick as of late.