Tall or short fighters?

Who would you rather fight?

I know people say taller have the reach advantage etc. But with my experience in both sparring and in my 2 fights shorter guys give me a harder time. They seem faster, more compact and stronger, and harder to hit.

Give me your thoughts and experience on it UG.

And please no "hypothetical" fighters, if you don't at least train don't tell me what you "would" do if someday you were to step in the cage Phone Post

Fuck you all!! Phone Post

Easytarget - If it were a hypothetical match up i would prefer to be the taller guy. And also know wing chun or something like that.

haha, true. cant tell you wht id go with, cuz every scenario i play out in my head ends with my ass kicked



Lol these type of hypothetical answers I can accept cause they are amusing Phone Post

Depends if ur a grappler or a striker if striker prob a short guy and other way around and also depends on weight class Phone Post