Tamdan McCrory vs Josh Samman Dec 19th

Haven't seen this posted but was just talking to a friend that told me Tamdan posted he's fighting Josh on the December 19th card on his Facebook. I think it's weird I'm from small Binghamton NY that has had Jon Jones( endicott NY is 15 minutes from Binghamton) Tamdan, and Spencer Paige(TUF) train, fight, and reside here. Tamdan still has a gym in Binghamton where he trains at. He also trains at Tai Kai in Syracuse and was in Philly with team balance over the weekend. Josh's last KO was nasty but will be a awesome lengthy and rangey fight between these two. Phone Post 3.0

I cant wait for this fight.
That card has other great match ups.

This is an awesome fight, I'm disappointed someone has to lose. Always loved Watching Tamdan fight and became a fan of Josh over time, especially after hearing about what he's been through. Hope both guys perform well.