Tamdan McCrory vs. Nuri Shakir

Tamdan "The Barncat" McCrory will defend his NABC World Title against Nuri Shakir April 13th at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.

that is an awesome fight!! to bad it is in atlantic city.

go nuri

just to let everyone know about rich ashkar, he has been waiting for a call from the state police academy, he got the call 2 days ago and has to report to the academy in 2 weeks and has to live their for five months, obviosly he had to pull out of the fight, when his training is over he will be back on the very next show, good luck rich



ttt for the barncat!


Gary...I lost your email...can you shoot me an email at rcaldwellmma@yahoo.com

I have to email you Matt Martin's info as well as ask you about the rest of this card.


is matt fighting ???

Awesome fight...



Any predictions?

Nuri is a bad ass. I know Tamdan has been beating whoever they put in front of him, but I have to go with the experience and well roundedness of Nuri. Great fight though.

i agree with hybrid tamdan is very skilled and has some wins over very quality guys,but nuri is my pick in this one.

Don't underestimate the barncat's fury. =)

I like Nuri too though...
Should be a great fight.


Nuri definitely has fought the tougher opponents and Nuri is the more skilled fighter, but Tamdan is going to have a huge reach advantage and his aggressive style might cause problems for Nuri.

This one is very tough to call. Nuri turns every fight into a fucking war. I can't wait to see who pulls this one off!