Tamdan McCrory vs. Nuri Shakir

I agree!!! But I have to go with Me on this one. I am prettier...LOL

This fight will adjust the rankings at 170 because we have two ranked fighters going at it. Nice matchmaking, IMO.

this is about to get real serious! go nuri!!

nuri is the prettier fighter. Although I give the edge to Nuri, it's a great oppurtunity for Tamden to prove the naysayers wrong.


These are the two best 170lbers in the New England area. They both step up and fight tough opponents and represent what a fighter should be. That being said, Tamdan's stand-up, wrestling, and ground game are far superior. I do give Nuri the experience, but Tamdan has had 7 fights this year with 3 title fights. My pick Tamdan by TKO.

TTT for Tamdan


ttt go nuri


do you really concider this a world title fight? does na in nabc mean, north american. nuri and tamden are really good, no disrespect to them...but if nuri wins is he world champ?

That fight should be in Mass or NH!! Hey Nuri, sorry that I did not get you my # at the last Untamed show. it is 781-316-5220 Take care and good luck!!!!!

Kevin MacDonald

Mass or Nh are you serious? Atlantic city is the place to be. Entertainment before and after . Plus a great card every CFFC show!!



The fans win this one big time. Nuri does too :-)

Good luck Nuri!

I'm biased...... I ref in Mass and NH!


TTT for the BarnCat