Tampa Fight Results?

Anybody got them?

Thread Hijack,

ATTN: breakit....

Are you going to be in O-town next weekend or are you going to AFC with everyone else?

My buddy and I may be over there to train but everyone I know will be in Ft. Laud. 

Thanks... now back to our regularly scheduled thread topic.  

Tim lost in a tough fight, he looked good and it was a split.  The crowd booed at the decision, they were pulling for him.

Luigi won in a pretty tough fight.  Both he and George tired out and it was a methodical fight more than a brawl.  Luigi got it by Ref stoppage in the 3rd.

The Tampa guys won almost of of their fights with the exception on one or two (I believe).  It was a good show overall. 

Thanks for the results.

I'll be in town. I'll be training Friday night. Are you coming Friday or Saturday?

Not sure.  My buddy Tommy is on a cruise at the moment and is doing the Disney thing next week.  Most likely Saturday.... but nothing is set as of yet. 

Just let me know, man.

Thank you!