Tampa PD cop under investigation for telling the truth

In my opinion he did this kid a favor by pointing out this guy’s behavior so he DOESN’T get shot. Now it is going national. All for telling this kid the cold hard facts. Black people by and large can just not stop breaking the fucking law. This is getting ridiculous. Now that the libtards are making excuses they are using the BLM tactics to hide behind their black privilege.

Want proof? Go to any news site. White supremacy is destroying our country while all the black mass shooters, which they account for over 90% are ignored. Pull your fucking pants up, stop the thug shit, pay your bills and stop making excuses. FUUUUUCK. My god. I feel badly for black folks that just want to get ahead that they have to carry the burden for 90% of their race that is destroying our cities.


That cop uses spray on hair 100%. I thought the dude had his helmet on while running the ID lol

Cops can be colossal pricks, but the pick was right in this case. Also, don’t all black parents like Lebron have to give their children “the talk”. Aren’t they talking about how to act around cops?