Tampa Training over Christmas

Hey Tampa Boys this is The Russki (The Russian) saying hi. I will be back for the 24th of Dec through the 2nd of Jan. I am looking to do some great grappling in the Tampa area (Tampa Fight Academy I am looking in your direction). Arkansas is treating me well but Tampa always treats me better, especially the clubs. Just post on the forum when you guys are available.

If you don't know who The Russki is then think of Mike who moved to Arkansas and you will know.

The Russki

I will be out of town durng christmas.


Whats up bro, its Eric. can't wait to get you back in. We have a new instructor, pretty bad ass....I haven't come close to tapping him yet. Same schedule so far. Just no more fridays.

But Fridays were so much fun. Great way to get the weekend started. I hope all is well, is Craig still there? Be there in about a week.

The Russki

Craig is still there. Just busy.


We met at Hooters, and went to WingHouse for the UFC 46 (I think it was 46).  I met you and Craig and another fella that night.  Remember?  Hoping to get over to you guys soon finally.

Benjamin; TCC



Hey whats up Mike this is James. Eric's not kidding man this new guy is really good. I can't last one second against him without tapping. So did you do any Jiu Jitsu in Arkansas or just stand up?


Florida Arm Bar - Oh I have done it all. check out these fights at www.realitycombat.tv Go to the downloads section and search for Duel in the Delta. Find the fights featuring Seth Kleingbeck and William McGlothlin. I train with both of them and watching them at the show was a blast. Seth took maybe 15 seconds to defeat his guy. William is methodical and took his time. Can't wait to train this week!
The Russki has spoken!

Hey Mike, I watched those fights on Duel in the Delta. Those guys seem pretty hard core. Who is that corner man for Williams fight? He was funny waving his arms in the air all crazy to get the fans involved. See this week.


TFA, Thanks for the fun rolling on Thursday night! It is the people I train with that make me miss home the most. Hope the fights go well. To all have a happy New Year. The Russki.