Tampa Training

Hey guys, I am new to Tampa stationed at MacDill. I live near Brandon and I am looking for a place to train. I am looking for a place that focuses on all aspects of MMA. Any suggestions? Thanks!


You have several choices for the Tampa area 4 MMA :

The Grind/aka Tampa Combat

Rob Khan's

World Class Martial Arts

If I was u I would check all 3 out for myself


I might be setting up weekend training at Macdill.  I'm just waiting on some details.  If you'd like you can email me and I can let you know some other things I've got going on as well.

Best Wishes.


2quick,the Grind gives a month free to military.Check out there website and instructors at grindmma.com.Basic website,fancy "flash" coming soon.May be a far drive for ya but the place is well worth it.If your looking for more 1on1 trainng in muay thai,then Mr.Glossop is your man.

come on by and try us out


914 815 2777

rob kahn

Try Aesopian for sure, he just got a free wrestling mat sitting in his shed!

He's still at Eduardo's. He scored a free wrestling mat last week. Pretty cool! He posted it on the Atama forum. I think the thread name is something like "Internet Famous".

Someone get Rob Kahn to call me ASAP!!!!!

Thank you!

I got your back, Carlao.

Thanks guys!