Tamura makes $10 million a year

Hi guys, I haven't posted much recently, but all is well yadda yadda...

so...I remember hearing this in Japan (and yes, it is true) that Tamura makes 1 billion yen a year (they use different units there, but when transferring it over it is 1 billion yen).

For those wondering that is between 8-10 million US dollars a year depending on where the yen is to the dollar (maybe 9 million right now, I haven't checked in a while).

I am serious by the way. Pretty cool, eh? For some reason I never bothered to post this info, but now I feel compelled to post it.

Is Kosei popular? Sure, but no one is Tamura popular!

You mean Ryoko Tamura? Or Tadahiro Tamura?


Do you mean Tadahiro NOMURA?

Also, Tamura has changed her last name since getting married to the Orix ballplayer... been using it in newspapers lately. Ryoko Tani right? I always forget.

It's true, she is Ryoko Tani now. Yeah, I meant Ryoko Tamura (who is now Ryoko Tani).

If you about it though, that is SO much money a YEAR for doing judo...no wonder she hasn't retired ;o)

She said that she was happy when she found out that her husband also makes 3 million a year (he is a baseball player (actually he makes 300 million yen a year so you have to convert that)), but I figure it doesn't really matter when you make 10!

Is there a breakdown of where all that comes from? Is it all endorsements?

When she was getting earlier this year, things like this were in the news in Japan. Yeah, it comes from endorsements.

Toyota is a big one. There are actually a few ads with Tamura in them in Japan.

Heck, at teh worlds she had her own cheerleading squad sent by Toyota just to cheer for her (they left in-between her matches, even if other Japanese fighters (like Suzuki) were fighting!).

A real breakdown? Nah, but I can ask...but not sure if it is really all that available.


Yes. Nomura. never mind.

That's incredible the amount she makes. With all that money she couldn't afford a nice wedding?

Amazing........what are we doing here in the US?......simply amazing.....

bear in mind that no one comes even close though

she did have a nice wedding.. didnt they get married in paris?

I read that their was a backlash against her due to how gaudy her wedding was. It must've been shortlived or just amongst a small group of people.

Can someone post a pic?

Personally I don't think she is all that.

But if you want to know...


Thanks bull.

LOl @ the kid's crossed eyes.

That is why the US and Canada have trouble fielding successful athletes to the Olympics.

European and Asian athletes just have to worry about training and whatever comes with that. They don't have to have a second bloody job just to compete for their country.

But that's what makes it special when our athletes do medal at these events. They struggle so much just to get there.

On an interesting sidenote, a former olympic Judoka applied to the place that I work for. They didn't get in, but I was pulling for em.

where do you work?
and, you should try to find that fella and see what he's up to these days.. might be a lot of fun to train with him. =)

on the money issue.. lets be really honest, american olympians are not poor-- fact lots of them are living very comfy lives. the usa wrestling team has no money issues, they get massive amounts of sponsorship.. so does gymnastics, swimming, track, skiing, mtn. biking, soccer, tennis, cycling, crew, basketball, volleyball and a host of other sports.

judo is one of the few sports thats end of the food-chain is this pathetic. most other sports could give up their USOC funding almost completly and not even give a shit.

Thanks for the clarification on funding for US athletes.

I assumed wrongly that you guys were in poor shape like the Canadian guys.

As far as the Olympian.....I never said they were male;-). But I have had the chance to work out with them on occasion.

Cool thread.

YOu can tell that they aren't in the same boat as Canadians in terms of sponsorships based on the medals that they get.

And yes, they have 9x as many people as us, but hey, Australia has LESS people and is LESS rich than Canada, but kicks our ass in the Summer Olympics. Why? Because their athletes get funding.

It's a fucking shame that Canada hasn't gotten their act together. Hopefully we will for 2010 (as we are already top 5 in the Winter Games and we want to be #1 that year).