Tamura won

Mna, i didn't even know the name of his opponet but his completelly dominated by Tamura who easily took the fight to the ground , got the mount posiiton and making his opponte tap with an arm-bar after some strikes.

His opponent was Roni Sefo - Ray's brother.


His oppnonent was Rony Sefo, brother of Ray Sefo. You could see he had no real ground experience, but props to him for stepping up against a guy like Tamura

Cool, finally Pride lets Tamura showcase his skills.

Thanks. As SILK wrote the guy was totally clueless on the ground.

Easy fight for Tamura.

Tamura seems to be the kind of fighter who can defeat not-yet-bigname fighters, but at the same time, has not beaten good fighters. Kind in the middle. At least he knocked out Takada.

ss3nunchaku: Tamura's good. Most American fans haven't seen him at his best because Tamura was thrown to the wolves by having to face Sapp & Vanderlei in his first two Pride matches.

tamura is a top 185er that is for sure. No disputes there.

Tamura was the first to beat a gracie.

Tamura is a great, great fighter... He's just got that stupid 'Weight class? What's that?' disease that the Japanese have, well... Other than Shooto.

At 185 Tamura is top 10.Accept in works.



tamura is like 195, but he should cut to 185 and he might have dominated