Tangible Aus MMA matches

What are some realistic matches you guys would like to see happen in the near future.

Tony Bonello vs Gary Goodridge (Might as well use the Big Daddy while he is over here.) HW

James TeHunna vs Kyle Noke 85kg

Andrew Gorton vs Brad Thompson re-match 77kg

Soa vs Big Jim HW

Hector Lombard vs Danny Higgins at 77 or 84kg

Matt Knight 120kg vs Dave Frendin 93kg

Brad Morris vs Dion Crouch 93kg

Tama TeHunna vs Dave Lock HW

Sam Nest vs....anyone...I just want to see the boy fight again.

That is all I could think of...I'll have some more later.


Why isnt Nest fighting again???

Dan or Kyle could never fight again at 77kg. They are both 82kg to 84kg.

No idea...last I heard he was over in the USA training with Greg Jackson and then he met a girl...and well...

Fair enough. Well at those weights then :)


I was told at Oktoberfist that Sam had come back from the US and moved to Innisfail and has packed in fighting. Tony G might be able to clarify but that is as much as I know.
As for fights

Kym Robinson V Andrew Gorton (REMATCH KOTC)

Matt Te Paa V Ross McLeod (Originally planned on XFC)

Adam Bourke V Roy Luxton (Rematch)

Hugh Fyfe V ?

Adrian Pang V Intl Opp

Danny Higgins V Anyone (love to watch Danny fight)

Danny Higgings vs Luke Pezzutti (adcc rules)

Hey Brent

how you been mate..?:)

me vs Gorton is do-able...but I have no intention of dropping under 90kg anytime soon.

Until I can train more im a 91-94kg fighter.


Thanks Kym,

Doing good, trying to stay of the JD's and Red wine for about 6mths to get back to some sort of shape.

Started back on some light training this week and ended up having my jaw dislocated, nice.

Also trying to squeeze in some time to learn a bit about fight promotion and hopefully put my toes in the water with co promoting some fights in 07, keep training as you may get a phone call.



Good man...drink that water instead ;)

Good luck with that...where you looking to do shows ?

07 will be a painful year of training. I can not wait.


Matty was always a heavy boy for his weight..and since being in the air force...he is around 110-115kg. All muscle so I am told.

Maybe he will be a new force at HW :)



As you know I have been working with Justin (XFC) for about the last 7 shows working the back area and looking after the fighters and their corners.
I have gained my interest and excitement from doing this and have been getting excellent tips from working with Justin.

I hope to take up some slack for XFC now as JL is taking a step into real work for a change and 3 little ones under 15mths.

The water also does taste better with some lime or lemon in it.

Just got back from doing a leisurely walk up Mt Coolum with some extra weight on my back, 15kgs of 2yr old. Fun but also very hot out there today.

I am also planning to start doing some fitness trg twice a week before work at this place: www.crossfit.swiftonline.com

I'm happy that Brent is keen to enter the realms (no pun intended) of MMA promoting. REALLY hard for me to justify putting BIG time into it as I have mouths to feed. We have a few concepts in the works that should see some good cards and a platform for the athletes to continue.

Brent is a good guy.


Matty called me a few weeks back, he is on base at Williamstown RAAF just outside of Newcastle. he said their is a few "mma heads" on base that would be keen to get in the mix. CC'd him and Justees via email hoping they'd hook up.


With Matt Knight now being in the Airforce and Rhys W and Adam Bourke being in the Army, maybe we could have a Army Vs Airforce MMA night??

I know the army has a big boxing contingent and they do class it as a serious sport.

And pwnitator can look after the "navy", hello sailor...

Ian Schaffa V Wild at 70 kgs

Brad V Big Jim rematch

Matt Cain vs Lenny Kent

Parr vs Kyle Noke

Ross Dallow vs Dion Crouch

Chris Brown vs Danny Higgins

Matt Cain vs Lenny Kent: Kent fought at 90kg/Cain at 77kg?????????????

Parr vs Kyle Noke: Noke's fighting 84kg, Wayne would do 70kg "IF" he persued a MMA career.

Ross Dallow vs Dion Crouch: Would be OK.

Chris Brown vs Danny Higgins: CB fought at 76 to date, Danny 84kg

Ian Schaffa V Wild at 70 kgs: Respectfully, way to much for Jay. Although BALMER constantly tried to ram it down his throat. Along with other fantastic matches like 165kg Robbie KNIGHT v Wayne WILLIAMS & 90kg Grant BARKER.

Brad V Big Jim rematch: Would be good to see, would prefer Brad to rematch Soa or Jim v Soa.