Tank Abbott and lack of respect!

Mr. Blauer, what did u think of the fact
that Tank said he didn't respect you at
the Ulimate Ultimat 2. Did it bother you
and what is your personal opinion of him?
Also have you ever competed in NHB? Thanks


How many times have you been asked THIS question !!!!


Yes I have competed in NHB - its called a street fight.

Many people confuse SHB & NHB. SHB is Some Holds Barred [i.e. the sport].

As for Tank, he's a character, very smart on some levels and no his comment did not bother me at all, it was in context with my sarcastic question which I asked him right after he was beaten and choked out by Don Frye, which was "So, do you respect Don Frye NOW?"

He replied no that he didn't respect Frye or anyone else in the world, including me...

Pretty good company,I'd say.