Tank Abbott on Speed Channel NOW!

The show "Shooting Cars" is on right now on the speed channel (DirecTv channel 607), and just before breaking for commercial they said when they return, they have "the Champion, Tank Abbott" do a photoshoot with them.

He said "We have 'American Muscle' with American muscle."  LOL

Tank is being matched up with a 1966 Corvette Stingray with 427ci engine.

They just showed a bried video clip of the place Tank trains at, calling it an "Extreme Fighting" training center.

Tank is surrounded with HOT models!!

They finished up with a some clip of Tank wrestling, and another of Tank trying to escape a triangle choke (didn't show if he got out or went out)

Hahahaha just saw that thanks. You know Tank took those models out for some drinks and then showed them the romoshop thread!