Tank vs Ferrozzo - Fake...

I can't believe people are thinking this is a real fight :)

I don't think Tank could fake being that gassed.

How is it fake? You're reading way, way too far into it. They are both two old, out of shape guys who have been through the ringer. They are both tough as nails but also not young and naive, they know they have no grudge, it's just for a paycheck.

Of course they are not going to kill eachother over a few grand, they are respectful of eachother. The punches were definitely real, it was all real. If you're referring to the talking, go back and watch their first fight 15 years ago, same thing.

You can see their both holding back. I know Tank dropped him but I bet that wasn't intention. I like both guys, but I don't believe that was a real fight.

But I hope they both get some coin out of it :)

TS your post looks like this


lol @ that being fake

Eeeeejutzzzz! Phone Post

 Where can I see this fight?

"Hey guys, let's put on a fake fight, but let's make sure nobody knows it's fake.  To do this, we'll keep the fight as boring as possible!  I don't know what happens after that, but step 3 is profit!!!"

So I must be the only one who thinks this is fake.

Yes, you are.

miloofcoelbren - So I must be the only one who thinks this is fake.

deuces gonna deuce

 this thread is a fake, tanks fight was real

 It's not fake.  It is a good demonstration of what doing away with standups would look like in the UFC though.

 It wasnt fake it just really really sucked.  How the fuck did they fight to decision using UFC 1 rules.  There werent no fucking decisions in UFC 1.  Also I think the bad blood is a myth they were just two old guys that wanted to relive their primes.  Ferrozo could have finished tank in the overtime that also didnt exist in UFC 1 if he wanted to.  I cant believe they tried to charge people to see that.


Not fake, legit punch that Tank dropped him with. Those were some wild haymakers at the beginning.