Tankless water heater?

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N0rman - Tankless killed the water pressure in my parents' house. I won't shit there because none of the toilets flush with any force at all. So if you go tankless, make sure you ask about proper water pressure, even in the cold water spigots like the toilets.
As a plumber what you said make no sense.

A toilet has a cistern attached that hold water that gets released when you flush it. Cisterns do not fill up that fast as they have flow restricters in them (newer units)

If the toilet does not flush well then there may be a build up of crap in the pan itself where the water comes out ( can happen with old toilets)

Instantaneous hot water unit are great and are much more efficient than storage water heaters Phone Post 3.0

Made no sense to me either. But there it is.

When I got a new water heater last year (50 gallon), all my pressure went way down. Figured out that after the change, all the sediment from the pipes was got caught in the aerators of all the faucets. Cleaned them out and no problems. Didn't really ever have a problem with toilets though

The Other Persian - Then its settled, run the current water heater into the ground then get tank-less. The current one looks fantastic. I honestly didn't believe the guy when he said it was 23 yrs old.

Thanks for the replies.

Yes. When I bought my house I had a 22 year old tank. They warned me. I got another 3 1/2 years out of it. Depending on where it is located and how often it may have been flushed, it could last another day, or another 20+ years.

They are great, only drawback is it does take a few seconds longer for hot water to get to the spouts since no heat creeps into the pipes from the tank heater.

I turn the shower on, take a piss and enjoy.

If you have a big house and the heater is a long way away from the faucets you are using it will be pretty noticeable. I would put it as short a distance from the kitchen sink if you can.

Cost savings way outweighs the small wait time. And you can take an hour long shower if you feel like it. Bath tub will be piping hot too if you like that.

I'm talking gas btw. Don't know about electric. Electric is for fags. Phone Post 3.0