Tanks foot in Mir fight

ouch! lol.


That would explain the tap.

damn, he straight up broke the foot down the middle!


first one doesn't seem to work.

wasn't tank standing and saying something like fuck it I'm drinking tonight or something

tough bastid hehe

(edited "bastard" to "bastid" because of all the uber-sensitive TUF leben-nuthuggers on here lol)

That's my elbow. LOL.


Wow. That is actually a foot that is about to break. Yowza. I had no idea it was cranked that hard.

That Mir don't fuck around. Makes me wonder why he had so many problems with Sims.

I broke a kids foot like that, it wasnt bone that broke, but it stretched all the ligaments. His foot literally went limp, lost its arch and became flat... was like jello. Nastiest thing ever.

jesus joe! did you say you were sorry? hehe

and i guess when frank said he is trying to break it, he wasnt kidding.

but really, isnt that what you should do? ESPECIALLY now, when more and more people are learning technique to power out and/or escape. if you slap something on "testing" the threshold of pain of your opponent, you may not get the tap.

You cant say Mir is light with subs. Tanks foot, Sylvias Arm.

Hes a badass and doesnt care if you dont tap! You dont tap, whatever he has he is going to break!


"jesus joe! did you say you were sorry? hehe"

It was weird... I broke his foot like 40 seconds into round 1, he had so much adrenaline he didnt even feel it.

I had switched to the toe hold from a heel hook and he was getting on top and hitting me in the top of the head as I was cranking it. Foot snapped and went limp, and I let go of the pressure telling him it was broke, he kept hitting me. So I went back to twisting his limp foot, and he tapped.

"You dont tap, whatever he has he is going to break!"

That is the name of the game. Submissions are there to break something or choke you out, not to get a tap. Tapping is just a way to preserve yourself. The goal of a fighter is to end the fight, not get the other guy to tap.

works out well too.

Even if you can't get someone to tap, and break the fuck out of whatever you have ahold of, and they somehow manage to power out of that hold they more than likley won't be using that limb very well.

btw, Sylvia's arm was the 2nd arm Mir has broken in the UFC.

I think Mir should have broke the foot. Tank wouldnt be saying that shit then.

"Sylvia's arm was the 2nd arm Mir has broken in the UFC."

who's arm was the first?

Delucia's? Alger's?

Roberto Traven