Tanner gone a year this week

What a quick year that was. This time last year, Evan Tanner set out on an adventure into the wild that could only be compared to the life of Christopher McCandless. Evan never returned home. A man who broke into the world of MMA on the back of DVD's and videos, eventually going on to stopping Dave Terrell to become the middleweight champion of the world.

I think it's fitting that we remember Evan. I was always a fan of his, and it's a shame that he's gone and he's a huge loss to the community - From his ballsy fights, to his quirky blog entries.

This is a great tribute video to Evan, but I'm a mudnamer now so I can't post it, so if someone could post it, I'd appreciate it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vo8DMJXq5s



anyone have any samples of his blogs?

I always loved the man that was and the spirit that is Evan Tanner. God Bless him...

Lion Of Zion - I think Tanner was great but were you really so desperate to be the first one to post about the anniversary that you couldn't wait until the actual date?

It's not about the person who posted it or when they posted it (being that it is the week of the anniversary of his death, I see it quite fitting), but about the content. That's where you pay your respect irrespective of your thoughts on the poster...


Anyone still got the Tanner tribute-beard going?

Believe in the Power of One!

TTT for Tanner


I miss Tanner :(


One of my alltime favorite fighters.

RIP Evan

Did anyone ever make the tribute shirts? or the genuine Believe shirts?