Tanner/Murray or Tanner/Horn @ 50?

Who would you rather see Evan Tanner fight at UFC 50? Lee Murray or Jeremy Horn?

what about tanner vs. lee and horn vs. doerkson(sp?)/riggs winner?....not sure who's on who's team...but these could be interesting matchups IMO

Doerksen is also a Team Extreme member. Also, you don't see many guys fighting in back to back shows. If your pick was Tanner vs Murray than Prangley vs Horn would make sense.

Tanner will get hurt if he fights either murray or horn.

I'd like to see Tanner vs Horn and here's why. I think Horn has the better shot at beating Tanner and I believe Lindland will beat Terrell in August. That would set up a Horn vs Lindland matchup for the title. The two best MW's in the world. Also I've wanted to see Tanner vs Horn for a few years. I think it would be a great matchup.

I'd like to see Murray versus anybody!