Tanner or Lawler?

Who's gonna win?


oh sorry, was just wishin I had me some see thru undies.....

no way Tanner losses...

Gotta go with Tanner in this matchup.

Would love to see Robbie win, but Tanner probably will. He's just got too much experience. And is a sick athlete.

I'm rootin for Robbie on this one.

As much as I like Robbie's style....I think Evan has him on Saturday

I'm a little concerned about the kind of shape Robbie looks to be in for this fight. I figured at the higher weight he'd be able to go nuts hitting the weights and really come it in great shape with a lot more strength. Doesn't really look as though that's what happened in his preparation for this fight, but I could be wrong, maybe it's just a bad picture. Right now, though, I'm going with Evan. I think he's just too big and too tough.

I'd say, ok, you like Robbie's style, except, what style? He's completely one dimensional, his hands aren't that good, he just hits hard. He has no other skills, he'll lose against anyone who is any good.

Did Tanner cut that mop cut he had?

he would beat tanner in a wrestling match.. but this isnt a wrestling match. I would bet on tanner.

Looks like Evan's got some wild hair jutting out the back there!

does tanner have a mullet?!

Charles has a good question which will also play a deciding factor on my descision

Robbies only chance will be in 1st round, after that I think he will gas. He had trouble with fuel at 170. U dont go up in weight and have better cardio.

Lawler was very good 170 lb fighter. Little problem with the cardio though. Dont know why he thinks he can go up in weight and not have a bigger cardio problem? Still I think he can win in the 1st round, but after that he's gonna get beat up pretty bad.

Tanner looks huge.

Lawler is a pretty good wrestler; no one's gotten more than a flash takedown on him if I remember right. Of course, he hasn't fought anyone as big and experienced as Tanner.

Robbie is also very good in the clinch, as he showed against Riley, so he may be able to hurt Tanner where Evan is usually the strongest.

I'm rooting for Tanner, and I think he'll take it with elbows from the mount.

to beat tanner it is obvious, you strike!

you cannot beat tanner in the clinch, he was beating people's asses in the clinch since ufc 18 (darell gholar)

robbies only chance, is landing bombs from outside.

Tanner by elbows from mount.