Tanner! Tanner! Tanner!

Let's hear it for Evan getting another W and making it look easy. I thought he'd win, but never thought it would be with a sub from his back. Props to Robbie for putting Evan on his back; I don't think anyone even considered that possibility in this fight. Though otherwise, things aren't looking good for Lawler -- KO'd by a jiu-jitsu guy, subbed by a wrestler.

While I'm at it, let's also hear it for St Pierre. If he hadn't made a mistake, and Hughes hadn't been so fast to capitalize it, who knows where that fight would have gone? If not a draw, I'd have given that first round to St Pierre - one takedown versus Hughes's two, but he also landed that beautiful kick and one or two good punches, whereas Hughes didn't really land anything standing or on the ground. Those saying Hughes would "roll over" or "demolish" him were certainly shown up.

Salaverry also looked great, as did Trigg. If they don't give Trigg his title shot next, I'd like to see him against Lytle. Or, if they do give Trigg the shot, St Pierre vs Lytle would be a great match.

UFC 50 reinforced the fact that 170 and 185 in the UFC are probably the two best divisions in any weight class, in any promotion.

Evan's an awesome fighter, and I'm glad to see one of him win, but wtf is up with the hair?

IMO Tanner is #1 at 185 lbs... but with Silva, Lindland, Terrel, Horn, and Franklin all there it really is hard to say. I hope the UFC does a four man tourney.

Lindland vs Franklin

Tanner vs Terrel

And give the people back a 185 Champ.

The only thing that might hurt Tanner in future fights is he seems to lack explosiveness. He tends to be kind of slow and hesitant in his movements (though he slapped that triangle on in a flash). I think that will hurt him against guys like Terrell and Franklin (again).

shooto5's idea is perfect -- both TQ guys would be fighting the guy who beat the other.

niko liondland2 and baroni-tanner 1 was supposed to be a 4 man tourny,remember? then both tq guys won and dana scrapped the idea lolool

Yeah Tanner made that look easy. He still looks a bit sluggish on his feet but man he is tough.

That said. Full props to him but I can't see him being a long term champ, cause of his chin. Sooner of later, he's gonna get caught.