taos hum


I hear this shit all the time.
kinda feels like BASS but it goes on and on.
way to low for BASS anyway. Id guess 10hz or lower.

Hey Kick, I remember reading in one town that had a 'hum' problem, they tracked it down to huge industrial 'turning' tanks, they rotate around with boulders and sludge inside or something. Was causing ultra low freq vibrations.

Are you in the Taos area?

Im in Southern Indiana."Santa Claus IN" About 50 miles from Evansville IN and 70 miles from Louisville KY.
I have heard / felt this for around 10 years now.
We would go outside and look for planes and shit when we first heard / felt it.
The old dudes next door would shrug there shoulders and give a look like "we dont know WTF it is either"

I was under the impression that its caused by wind
passing through electric lines aross open plains, but
I'm wrong.