TAP FACTOR 5 on Dec. 18 in SC

            ---ALL IN ONE EVENT!!---


              ---FOR ONLY $50!!--- 
         ---WITH FREE MULTIPLE ENTRY!!--- 

December 18th in Beaufort, SC at the Wardle YMCA.

The upcoming Carolina Cup:"TAP FACTOR" 5 is going to be the first event outside of NC. 
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Brought to you by McCullough Submission Fighting, LLC and S.A.G International.

                             See you on the mat,               
                             Anthony Huss


Anthony Huss,

Could you shoot me an email @ fightfitness@hotmail.com

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Muhsin Corbbrey - Island Boxing

Team Lloyd Irvin

Team Manu Ntoh

I don't care what anyone says - having people on MMA.tv know about your grappling event makes a huge difference.

It's cool reading about how everyone starts calling each other, sending email, getting a team together, etc. when they find out a tourney is near.

For more info and pics go to WWW.GRAPPLER.US or BJJNEWS.COM

The Carolina Cup:"TAP FACTOR" 5 continued its run as a tournament for all forms of grappling for the Southeast area. This one was ran with the help of our local Host Abe Stem (McCullough Submission Fighting) and our Head Ref Andrew Smith (Richmond BJJ).

I run a monthly event called "TAP FACTOR" in which guys can compete in as many divisions as they want for the same price: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (with the gi), submission grappling (no-gi), folkstyle wrestling, greco-roman wrestling, and "Police Cuff-N-Stuff" (submission grappling with the objective of controlling your opponent apprehension-style, as opposed to submitting). Thank you to all those competitors who showed up and showed heart. I will see all of you again at "TAP FACTOR" 6 on Jan. 29, 2005 in Lincolnton, NC.


Anthony Huss

Huss Hybrid Combat College


===================Complete Results===================

Youth No-Gi 5-8 Years Old:

  1. Dustin Jagos (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  2. James Cody Rogers (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  3. John Sturgis (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Youth No-Gi 15-17:

  1. Kerry Mullins (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  2. David Eklund (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  3. John Eklund (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Youth Mixed No-Gi 15-17:

  1. John Eklund (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  2. Kerry Mullins (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  3. David Eklund (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  4. Rebekah Schools (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Women's No-Gi:

  1. Rebekah Schools (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  2. Catheryn Williams (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  3. Brittany Edgin (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Women's Gi:

  1. Catheryn Williams (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  2. Rebekah Schools (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Men's No-Gi Novice Middleweight:

  1. C.J. Miller (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  2. Audrius Smaginas (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  3. Ryan Leeper (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  4. Andres Martell (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Men's No-Gi Novice Heavyweight:

  1. Ervin Jotouta (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  2. Daniel Puccini (Independent)

  3. Vladimir Houzar (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  4. Roy Taylor (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

Men's No-Gi Novice Absolute:

  1. Vladimir Houzar (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  2. Noel Doff (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  3. Ryan Leeper (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Men's No-Gi Intermediate Lightweight:

  1. Chris Anderson (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  2. Derrick Schroeder (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  3. Andres Martell (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Men's No-Gi Intermediate Middleweight:

  1. Brandon Gay (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  2. Audrius Smaginas (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  3. CJ Miller (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  4. Ahrin McCoy (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Men's No-Gi Intermediate Cruiserweight:

  1. Derrell Walton (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  2. Noel Doff (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Men's No-Gi Intermediate Heavyweight:

  1. Derrell Walton (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  2. Daniel Puccini (Independent)

  3. Ted Morris (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

Men's No-Gi Absolute Masters:

  1. Ervin Jotouta (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  2. Ted Morris (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  3. Derrick Capers (McCullough Submission Fighting)

  4. Derrick Schroeder (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

Men's BJJ Exhibition match:

  1. Andrew Smith (Richmond BJJ)

  2. Ervin Sebastian (McCullough Submission Fighting)

Men's Advanced Absolute No-Gi:

  1. Anthony Huss (Huss Hybrid Combat College)

  2. Andrew Smith (Richmond BJJ)

  3. Derrell Walton (Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin)

  4. Noel Poff (McCullough Submission Fighting)

===========Special awards were given out in several categories.========

MEN'S MVP trophy: Went to Derrell Walton. Walton not only won his division, but placed third in the absolute, surviving against Anthony Huss. Major congratulations to Walton.

WOMEN'S MVP: Went to Rebekah Schools, who won her no-gi division, and stepped up to fight in the mixed teens division against tough guys.

TAP FACTOR award(most taps): Went to Ervin Jotouta, who outclassed many of his opponents on the way to winning 2 divisions.

BEST SUBMISSION: Was awarded to Noel Poff, who pulled out an armbar in the last 15 seconds of a match to win, he was losing on points 6-0.

BEST TAKEDOWN: Went to Ervin Jotouta. Jotouta had picked up his lighter opponent DDT-style, and set him down gently as a feather right into side control, showing skill, strength, and respect.

MOST TECHNICAL: Went to Andrew Smith. As always, being slick and savvy on the mat is his trademark.

QUICKEST TAP: Went to Brandon Gay, who had a very nice kneebar from a Kani-Basami (Scissors takedown) in nine seconds.

MOST AGGRESSIVE: Went to Rebekah Schools, who fought hard against guys and girls alike.

TEAM TROPHY: Went to Psych Ward/Lloyd Irvin, who brought a bunch of guys down to win a bunch of matches. Way to go Muhsin!

JUNIOR TEAM TROPHY: Went to McCullough Submission Fighting who made a valiant effort. Keep it up Abe & Company!

Regards, Anthony Huss

I knew that was coming up and I forgot oh well next time.

congradulations Anthony, It sounds like the tourny is growing at a great rate. I will make it for a few of them in 2005. I competed in three of them in 2004 and had a great time. Thanks for all of the time and effort to put on these great shows. I will see you at the Budweiser Cup. I heard you are training some with Joe but I havent seen you at the academy yet. Regards,

Chris Toher


You guys can read my write-up if you want here.


The Southeast is a great region for helping BJJ/submission grappling grow.  It's great to see locally run events keep going.