Tapes or Privates imprvd game most

With so many great instructional series now available, what improves your game the most? Initially, (2000) most of the big improvements in my game came from private lessons. It seems Garcia, Margarida, Rodrigo, and many others are producing some amazing videos that show us moves that were once isolated to a few great schools.

Private lessons.

I learn better from private lessons, but I obviously can't do privates all the time due to finances and instructor availability.

Perhaps I don't use instructionals as I should. I watch the tape/dvd, sometimes I take notes, then I try to practice what I watched the next time I go to class during open mat. Sometimes it's a few days between the time I see the tape and the time I get to actually practice the move.


If you can tape your private lessons.

Randy, If finances were not an issue, how many times a month should someone take a private lesson if they train 5x a week. If you take a private once a week, can you digest everything you learn?

Private Lessons with Carlos Machado are worth every penny.



I've had some privates that were awesome. If you are in Southern California, I highly recommend Brad Jackson (Ralph black belt) and Shawn Williams (Renzo black belt). It really helps to have someone kick your ass and then tell you why they are able to do it. haha. Honestly though, the quality of privates from one black belt to another as a wide range.


Jspiceman,twice a week until you feel the direction you want to follow,most instructors don't mind you videoing tapeing your session.


There are somethings you can get from private lessons you can't get from videos (direct attention, immediate feedback, personal - hands on instructions, on hand correction).

Likewise there are somethings you can get from videos you can't get from private instruction (constant visual and audio instruction which can be viewed and heard many times in one place, at one time, at ones on pace and leisure).

I don't compare the two as if one is better than the other I see them as two tools or means that are best used together.

m.g. is correct.

I try to take in information from everywhere. I attend most seminars, watch whatever videos I can get my hands on, ask lower belts how they do something they do particularly well, and if I have a specific problem area or one question I just cant find an answer for anywhere else, I take a private.

If you take privates- make sure you take notes.

IMO competition improves your game more than both of those.

Since I live 2 hours (one way) from my coach, I tend to rely a lot on tapes and books. But privates tend to really push me more along a bit faster. I would say if you could do at least one private class a month, or every other month with a really good coach, it will be well worth your time.

Randy, thanks for the info. I would have thought 2X a week would have been too many for private lessons.

Andre has good answer.

All info is great. But FOR SURE..Private is much better! Especially after a private some things are fixed or corrected & stay solid in your game. Moves on DVD's will always be questioned by somebody 1 time or another. The forum is proof.

Marcos Santos

For my no gi game it was Sakuraba's instructional that instantly helped turn my game 360 degree's,most of his stuff was very high percentage as far as guard passing,armbars,kneebars,and footlocks,turn overs and other stuff.
for my bottom mount escapes MMA style Frank shamrocks tape helps alot because he shows how to avoid damage from strikes while still avioding submissions that is something most people dont show but you do have to make your own ajustments.
Private lessons would be nice if you can tape it,but otherwise I'd rather buy tapes because you can always rewind and pick what you want to learn.

if your game turns 360 degrees doesnt that put you right where you started?