Tapout Gear...WTF?

Was reading the new Grappling mag with Couture and Lidell on the cover. I open the mag and there is a huge ad for Tapout clothing. But the ad depicts a bunch of roaches pouring cyanide into someone's drink?? WTF? What does that have to do with fighting and what kind of image is it promoting?

I know the whole rebel thing...blah blah blah. But c'mon guys. There is $$ behind all of this.

What idiot looked at this ad of roaches poisoning someone & thought to themselves, "Holy Shit this ad kicks ASS...lets spend big bucks on a full page-full color ad in Grappling Mag!"

It is not "cool - edgey stuff"...it just SUCKS!

ttt for a pic


Another case of bad judgement by the Tapout crew

oh well. their logo is still cool looking though. and they've been around a while

Yeah...the guys always looked like dorks, but as time goes by they seem to be worse and worse for the sport.

My friend bought some sprawl gear but unlike the tapout shorts it doesn't have a drawstring.

I like the way sprawl fits but Tapout's gear had some good stuff to it as well.

is the TApout crew on vacation these days?? I´ve tried emailing them - but havn´t got any reply..






I need to see a picture before I pass judgement on it



Grappling Mag pissed me off many many months ago with a whole 5 page article on Sprawl Shorts. Either they kissing the Gracies ass really hard...or they advertising junkies. I think what really ended it for me was Bob Sapp on the cover....

Cheers guys - I got the message from "them" ;-)

And have emailed them back!!