Tapout show: Matt Major

I like this dude. I think with more and more experience he's going to be a damn good fighter.

I saw the thread on here the other day about what an asshole people think he is. He is rough. But I think its a defense mechanism. Like he said at the beginning of the show. the only person he trusts 100% is Bob Cook. For whatever reason he has to keep on the defense against everyone. But when he knows you are real with him he loosens up around you. as evidenced by him havin punkass corner him.

I would like to see any upcoming fights he has.


Selfishly, I would of liked to see him press the action a lil more when the dude was walking away, but at the same time why? There was really no reason for him to try to engage, and open himself up for a fluke knockout.

His stand up form is good though. His kicks, while off, looked crisp. He def has a bunch of potential.

definetly potential. I agree, I would have liked to see more action as well. but like you said, the opp. was running away, but wasn't out, so could have easily landed a wild punch and got a ko.

Yeah, when he started walking away, every time Matt pressed, he tried to throw punches. It was evident he was gassed, and his game plan was to walk away, save energy for very short burst of counter punches hoping for KO. Matt fought the smart fight.

Who was the douchebag who took it upon himself to critique his performance in the dressing room? The guy just won his pro debut - let him enjoy it. Maybe it was the 2-20 guy who fought at that show, or one of the jobbers who took a dive for one of Monte Cox's fighters?

yeah I'm not sure what that was about. Defiantly not the time or the place. Shit happens though, what they showed didn't seem like a huge deal. They left out what led to the confrontation though.

He's defintely athletic, and I heard that his behavior were antics for the show.

I didn't like this Matt Majors guy at first but, there's plenty of piece of shit citizen's out there who were given a chance by someone and took the opportunity to make something of themselves.  The kid looked like he has a lot of potential, obviously Bob Cook  thinks so.  I wouldn't mind seeing how he turns out down the road as he gets more experience, and hopefully makes the most of the opportunity he has.