Tapout Training Center Las Vegas Photo's

4040 West Hacienda, Suite 130, Las Vegas

Due West of the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino


 Another gym in vegas?  who are the instructors?

any pics of the inside


MMAConsulting -  

Any pics of computer generated athletes training inside?

I joke because I love.

Looks good, high 5.

 Lilly White

 The Las Vegas Economy would like to thank God for MMA at this point.

 I see alot of blood stains in the future.Hard to get that shit out of bright white.

"I trane TapouT"

what happened to Throwdown?

Looks nice. I wonder how many Tapout logos they have fit inside it...

I smell a romo coming.

The gym looks clean. real sharp. but man that white is gonna get icky.

 That is the most beautiful gym I have ever seen.

WOW, such a fucking shame MASK aint gonna be here for all this, TapouT is becoming HUGE and it really sucks after doing all the work he did through out the years that he aint gonna get to enjoy the easy times to come.


Very cool...I hope they have someone full time cleaning those white mats!!! Who are the the trainers?

throwdown went defunked...they teamed up with tapout and thats not how the inside of that gym looks that must be some made up pic or something


Instructors? Pricing? Looks sweet.