tapout tv show on at 10 pm 2nite

on versus, 608 on directv

1st episode was pretty good.

i love how tapout water looks like a pint o booze!!!!!


is this on the internets?

wearing tapout is pretty much just giving up and admitting you like balls on your face. you like the smell of it, and the taste of it. you enjoy semen.

Mask is a tard...  how fucking insecure do you have to be to try to turn yourself into a wanna be comic book character.   teh ghey.

Yeah, everything about tapout screams "closet homosexual wigger from the suburbs."

they seem to have alot of cash to throw around

someones buyin their shit

It's an entertaining show and its pretty cool that the Tap Out guys are not some stuck up suits. I will admit Mask can get annoying.