Tapout TV show?

I was skimming a copy of Tapout mag and there was something about the Tapout crew is doing their own TV show for the ION network(same one for bodog). I thought the artictle said it would be taped at local events and such around the country.

Anyone got better info on this?

Mr.tapout, mask or Joker, where you at?

I got a catalog of Sports Combat Int. said its going to be on Versus

Maybe it was versus i'm just going off of my hazy memory.

What's the deal with the guy with all the facepaint on. I have never seen him without the facepaint and hat on. Does he train or just the crazy owner of Tapout

what an embarassing thing that MASK is. 

oh man,

Last i heard Joker left Tapout and was seen in Houston at the UFC with a Sprawl Guy

After watching the Tapout show, I burned my Tapout t-shirts.

They showed it the other night and they where at a show in Iowa and were harassing Rich Franklin for not drinking Tap Out water when he was in the ring. They also got a call From Matt Serra dropping their sponsorship and going with another clothing line for more money..This was just before his title shot.