Tapout Water?

Anybody tried it?

Tapout Water

How is it different from regular water?

It's a little more intense than regular water.

lol...Who the hell would mail order bottles of water??...

a little wetter

I'm not sure, but I'm about to come out with some Six Deuce 40 ounces in a minute

edited: for needless cursing lol

LOL, didn't even think of that. People who don't know anything about MMA might think its a takeoff on "tap water".



you think? I remember drinking St. Ides Special Brew when I was younger, but it sure didn't have acai in it (vomits)

Once again it's on, I'm goin out the front do'
Ice Cube in the glass house, headed for the sto'
To get a beer that's better than the rest
The S-T-Period-I-D-E-to-the-S
And it'll put hair on your chest
In the black can, so won'tcha grab a six pack and
Get your girl in the mood quicker
Get your jimmy thicker, with St. Ide's Malt Liquor

would be a cool as hell looking bottle if it was shaped in the form of a pint and had vodka in it.

Tapout Vodka..

for when you really wanna get F%cked up!

Its got winny in it

I heard you can only buy it if you have a pro membership

its out the tap.

LOL! Erik the Red, my new favorite poster!

they run it off of fresh women's butt's before bottling it


LOL...you spelled "flavor" as "flavour" LOLZ

OK, I've gotta get back to work!!! XOXOXO


I SPRAWLED on it... lol

Crooked I is a whole different kind of fucked up. And its never the same twice.

I can attribute most of my life's regrets to that putrid swill.