Just my opinion...

*I really think the intro to the show is very corny. The whole animal cartoon thing is just silly and has nothing to do with the sport.

*I didnt realize Mask is as old as he is. He looks even more dumb, now hearing that he is older and not some young kid.

  • Sky Skraper just looks rediculous. They are a company that has stood the test of time and obviously has grown. I am not denying that. But for sure, that is not because of his afro poking through the Tapout underwear he was wearing on his head...just rediculous.

*lol @ Genghis KONG...

I am not a player hater. To be honest, the show looks okay. I like the background on the sport and fighters. I a sure I will watch it again. Just had to give my observations. Although punkass is a stupid name, I think he is the only one I can listen to.

If Mask continues to laugh like that I am going to have to change the channel.

How can Mask expect fighters to respect him, when he talks about being "real" but he wears makeup and has a tan dishtowel balanced on his head?

thats exactly what i was thinking.

&& i respect fighters. the lifestyle. the dedication, the challenge, etc.

but! i do not respect a man in camo face paint.
i know some people are eccentric, && thats great for him n' all.... but i can in no way at all take him seriously.


The show sucked major ass.

The guys came off like tough talking dooshes.

To my surprise, I liked nothing about it.

If they want to save it I think they're going to need to drop their gimmick.

They think it is their gimmick that makes the company grow, when in fact that is not the case. I think they were there in the beginning, so they didnt have much competition. The name is cool, the logo is cool and they were able to get in on this whole thing from the beginning. But they probably would get more business and support if they would drop the circus act.