Tara vs Kyra Womens Finals-ADCC

Tara Fans: She's in the Finals!!

In the Under 60kg Division:

("Derrotou" is a Purtuguese word that means "kicks the ass of")

Tara LaRosa derrotou Takayo Hashi
Kyra Gracie Derrotou Haomi Akano

You know what THAT means...

FINAL: Tara LaRosa vs Kyra Gracie

Ms Gracie needs to watch her back!

Go Tara!!

derrotou = defeated

Congrats Tara and good luck!

Good luck to Tara (Like she'll see this b4 the finals). Bring home the gold


Good luck Tara.

Lucky for Kyra (and all of her adoring male fans) this is a grappling
tournament and LaRosa won't be allowed to bash her face in.

"And aren't we all fortunate that sports have rules and it's not legal to just shoot one's opponent in advance or something like that? Yes, she's really lucky that the final match in the tournament will take place according to the rules of the sport she and her opponent both chose to compete in well in advance."


I'd like to see Tara beat Gina Carano in MMA.

Well friends, in the finals, Kyra Gracie pulled out a 3 to 0 win over Tara to win the division for a second year. Congratulations Tara for going the distance and for never giving in. You can hang with the best...because you ARE one of the best. ...And congratulations to Kyra!! She is an incredible competitor and deserves to enjoy her championship. Felicitações, Kyra você é um campeão!!

My sarcastic previous post was meant to illustrate:

a) the fact that Kyra is a smokin' rottie
b) the fact that Tara is a great MMA fighter
c) the fact that Tara would tool Kyra in a MMA bout
d) the fact that ji32 is an argumentative shit stain
e) the fact that I'm aware of the tournament's rules
f) all of the above

Here's a small clue....it's "f"

Congrats to Tara for a great performance this weekend.