Tards: Time Zone Issues

This is starting to suck. What time zone is everyone on? I can't start any earlier than 6:30PM server time.

Please list what time zone you are on.

Guess worse case I'll catch you guys on the weekends.

This sucks I hate PUGs, but no sure what else to do except grind WSG and AV.

....or roll a hunter. :-o

transfer....my server is central yo!

I'm on the west coast. I can start at 6 pst on some days.

It's only three hours, I don't the time zone thing is an insurmountable problem.

Yeah not a huge problem. I can also plan to stay up late any evening as long as we organize it ahead of time.

Its the starting at 10 PM, getting into instance by 11PM problem we need to fix imo. :P

I don't think it's an insurmountable problem, it just means we're kinda limited to weekends to do any instances. Believe me, I understand because I have to crash be 11PM to be worth a shit, so I wouldn't want to start an instance at 10PM either. It's just a damn shame is all.

And yeah...even getting into an instance is gonna have to be allocated 30 minutes. More if people get MC'ed into the lava.