Tartar punch poboy

How many varieties of red sauce can you make? We do the same with our dishes(some form of tortilla for everything) but Im generally curious.

White italian sauces can kiss my ass.


And I don’t claim to be an expert on Itialian food.
The sauces are delicious. And I like noodles stuffed with cheese.

But generally speaking noodles aren’t my favorite food item, and I lean towards protein over carbs.

I rarely crave Itialian food.
I crave Mexican food all the time – in it’s various forms.

I do prefer American version of sour cream though.
The sour cream in Mexico is weird to me.

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There is a few different versions of crema. You might find one you like. To me, theyre all pretty good.

I like daisy, too but just on chili or potato(even then I like crema on papa).

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They shit looks delicious!!!


Huevos Rancheros with sour cream/salsa and a Bloody Mary is one of my favorite breakfasts.

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Would probably opt for a home made recipe.

The eggs in mexico taste funny to me too.

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No quiero Maria Sangradas! Quiero una pinche Chelada mamalona!

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No comprenday.

Pookeedo Spanish.

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I make something I call “Southwest Spaghetti Casserole” that has both Mexican and Italian influence.

My wife usually does the casseroles, but I kind of inherited this one because everyone likes the way I make it.

No pics though…

Una Micha!

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Now I’m craving 2 things!

Love Modelo.

Valentina > Tapatio IMO… although it’s close.

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Yaaaas. Valentina is the caca!

Botañera is good too.

Wasn’t prepared to make fish sandwiches this time.
But some fish tacos satisfied the craving.

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Sad to say but I don’t think I’ve ever had a meal as good as these pics look


I am thinking I might do a chorizo and egg breakfast burrito for lunch.


This thread inspired me to make a Mexican food vs Itialian food poll thread.

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