Tarver at heavyweight?

Do you guys think Tarver could compete at heavyweight? Why or why not?

no, i don't think so. Because no LHW ever has done it successfully other than RJJ?

ok, 2 LHWs, whatever. The point is, most of the LHWs that go up get crushed. I think Toney could beat Tarver, for instance

sure, he's already 6'2 and would be a lot faster than most guys up there.

He looks like he has a skinny frame. How much weight do you think he could hold while maintaining his speed?

What does Tarver actually plan on doing? Fight Vitali? James Toney? Hopkins? One of Don King's cruisers? Or will he victory-lap the LHW division?

yeah, Toney WAS, but he's a HW now. Pick another one at random then. Golatta would beat Tarver. Klitchko would too

I would take Ruiz over Tarver

I think that Tarver is too small --short of a massive dose of steroids-- to be successful in the heavyweight division, which is not to say that he couldn't beat a few heavyweights, such as Chris Byrd.

I'd take Byrd and Ruiz over Tarver. I'd take Jirov over Tarver too. Mayhaps he would be better off staying where is is for the moment.

I'm less and less impressed with Chris Byrd these days. Put it this way: this is the perfect time for any lightheavyweight or cruiserweight to move up in weight and try his luck with the big boys.