Tarver KO'd RJJ again in rematch!!

Unbelievable! RJJ and Tarver fought in the rubber match tonight on HBO in the main event after Mayweather/Corley.

I thought Roy Jones would have learned his lesson after getting Ko'd just last week by Tarver.

Tarver Ko'd RJJ again with a vicious shot. It looked almost exactly like last week's fight.

I hope they don't fight a forth fight because Tarver has nothing left to prove.

That is a huge shame.

I figured that RJJ would be a little bit more cautious in their rubber match, because of what happened last time, but he got caught with the same punch again and in the same round! What a coincidence...


damn, watch RJJ's eyes when he gets hit. there is just nothing there.

Some guys never learn.

First time I thought it was legit. However, same round, same counter punch? The fix was in. Lousy mob.


Me and 6 of my boys gathered around HBO this Saturday night all fired-up about the rubber-match. My boy said that last Saturday's 2'nd round KO was a total fluke for Tarver (ie. lucky punch).

It was funny, because in the second round we were all screaming at the TV "Watch-out for his fuckin left!"

When he got knocked down I really thought he was gonna beat the count this time.

should of kept those hands up

It's the weirdest thing cause he went down in the SAME way and the commentators said the same exact things. A very strange match...

I hope this thread is a joke.

I mean seriously I hope tbftne is "joking".

He certainly smart enough to realize this "rubbermatch" was nothing more than a replay of the fight.

Hey, M.G. Any chance we'll see the rest of the chapters of Dempsey's book any time in the foreseeable future? I can't begin to tell you how much I've appreciated what you've transcribed so far.

tbftne, you think you were upset? I lost $1500. I figured this time he'd be more careful, and watch out for the EXACT SAME PUNCH that KO'd him last time.

I would a been pissed if I put money on it too!

I have no desire to see a 4'th 'bout between these two. Tarver's power is amazing.

As I see it, it was two lucky punches in a row... What are the odds that Tarver lands a lucky punch a third time?