Tarver looks like sh!t

Announcers are saving him...this is a horrible fight...Tarver should lose..

LOL at watching the Tarver fight over the Cotto-Judah fight....

no way in hell tarver should lose this. it was a sloppy fight but he will not lose.

Head bunted...lol

Tarver has no class I hope Dawson kills him.

lost my adapter ..would be watching the Cotto fight...hah

Boxxxxxxxxxinnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg isisiss ovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr......ahhhhhhhhhh

tarver was made famous for KOing RJJ when RJJ was making his exit from the spotlight, nothing special since

^ not if they somehow put fights like cotto/judah together. which is doubtful, but oh well.


tarver always looks like shit

tarver won. and dawson did look impressive.

he was right to go after the blind judge though...even fight my ass!

Tarver's a great champion, he's got heart!

ya hes had lackluster performances every since he fought glen johnson, which at the time i really thought glen j. won their fight based on agressivness. did he still have buddy mcgirt in his corner??? i used to train at buddys gym, havent been there ina while. so im not sure who he is spending his time training.

No he's with his old trainer now.

Tarver didn't deserve to win many of those rounds. All 3 judges were within 2 points of each other, its not like the one who had it a draw was off by himself somewhere

the guy on press row who had it 10-2 for Tarver should be more ashamed of himself than the judge who scored it a draw

better than a 42 year old with AIDS who hasn't fought in 10 years? there's a ringing endorsement

and at least Morrison can still KO people

ya thats probably why hes fucking up, buddy is a magnificent trainer, no bullshit when u go to his camp, maybe tarver got tired of the hard work, his gym is a wharehouse where he keeps all the doors shut and no fans on inside, a good summer day at buddy mcgirts gym is a good 120 to 130 degrees i would bet on it. the hottest, hardest training ive ever endured.

he looked like shit back when he was with Buddy too. The guy is 25-4 and 4-3 in his last 7. He is not now and never was a good fighter