Tarver on Jim Rome show

He was on the Jim Rome show on Tuesday and said that he would fight any weight from 175 to heavyweight. He said that he would love to fight James Toney. It was an excellent interview and while Tarver is a talker, he seems classy too. He said he is in the retirement business hahaha. I'd like to see him vs. Toney and would hope he would beat Toney. If anyone is interested, I can save the file and email it since I am a member to Jim Rome's site....So just post your email. Klitschko has been on a couple of times recently too. I can also send that one.




o.k. I am sendiong now. It is the full show for both. If you don't want to listen to the full show, just listen to the intro and Rome will say when the interview is, then skip ahead in the show. I am including this week's show with Tarver and late April show with Vitali interview. Enjoy!


Can you forward it to me as well?