Tarver's Meal Ticket is Over?

Looks like Tarver's next meal ticket is over. The chances of Tarver III happening are basically non-existant with Roy Jones getting KO'd last night. What is Tarver going to do? Who can he fight that will give him another big payday? If he fights as a heavyweight I don't think he will be able to beat any of the top 10. Looks like Tarver is screwed now. Tarver better hope Hopkins moves up in weight so he can get his next meal ticket. What do you guys think?

I think he'd get a decent payday if he could get Jirov or Toney in the ring, though I'd favor both of them to beat him. Calzage (sp?) and Johnson would be winnable fights that he could probably make a million or two off of.

Tarver is in serious no-man's land. Not only is Chadk correct that both Jirov and Toney will beat him, the cruiserweight champs would pound him out as well. Even if HBO forces Hopkins to fight him can he still make 175 (a catchweight is out of the question)? And if he can he'd have to fight Johnson as well if he wants to be on HBO. For someone that calls out a shitload of fighters he doesn't appear to have many viable options.

Calzaghe is managed by Frank Warren. Tarver is a top-ranked champion. Ergo, that fight won't happen.

Yes, his meal ticket is gone.