Taskmaster vs. Skeletor

These guys look separated at birth to me so I think that they would have to fight if they ever ran into eachother.

Would Taskmaster watch the he man instructional tapes to pick up the newest moves from eternia and lay the beat down?

Or would Skeletor just magically zap taskmaster into oblivion?

Also sorry RDUK for not using your thread but individual threads lead to better discussion and more importantly it increases our thread count so we can take over the pro wrestling ground and eventually the world.

I'm not so sure due to the fact that taskmaster doesn't have the power of Greyskull.

Taskmaster would beat Skeletor silly, then go bang She-Ra

I dont really see a winner in this fight. I think this is one of those fights where both parties throw a couple of punches and have a bonding experience and the next day they are best buddies. Then they can team up and do battle against He-man. Taskmaster will give Skeletor's forces the edge they need and it will look like He-Man is finally going down, but eventually Skeletor will find a way to fuck up and end up pwned by Orko.

This thread is very correct

Skeletor is not some mindless brawler.

Remember when he fed Hordak a poisoned pie in the Christmas special?

Taskmaster better watch what he eats.

What can Skeletor do anyhow? i don't remember.

What's the story with Skeletor anyways ? Wasn't he apprentice to Hordak or something ?

Taskmaster got owned by Power Pack... I say Skeletor by Beastman rape.

"What's the story with Skeletor anyways ? Wasn't he apprentice to Hordak or something ?"

Yes, he was.

Oh...and the poisoned pie episode was some other crossover, the Christmas special was infinitely stupider.