Tassie Grading

Just a reminder to those Taswegians who may be lurking - there's a jiu-jitsu de Brazil (Will-Machado) grading down in Hobart tomorrow (Sunday, 18th December) at 2pm at the Southern ITF TKD Dojang, 147 Elizabeth St.

Grading fee is $20.


Congratumolations to Nick (freestyle_judo), Hobart's new addition to the blue belt army! At the tender age of 18!

Nick is so hot right now. He fought hard and I'd say it waqs well deserved.

Just a quick question: has anyone here ever cried after receiving a belt?

I doubt anyone would, Aaron, unless, of course, they were a complete poof :)

Congratulations also goes to Brad Lowe from Launceston who, after kicking much arse at the Pan Pacs, got his blue yesterday too :) Also to all those who received stripes :) Well done guys, it was a top effort - I was a bit too busy being squashed to watch anyone else grade tho )-: hehe

*edited to say thanks to my trainers over the years, Trev, Adam, Pete, Clancy and Billy for getting me there, and for all my training partners for just generally hurting me :)

Congratulations on your blue belt Nick and to all else who were graded!

Thanks Lach :)

Awesome Nick!

Cheers Luca :) According to your 'time taken to earn belt = time spent training in jiu-jitsu minus the time spent training in jiudo (counter-productive)' theory, my blue only took a few months :)

LOL at the formula... let me see, in about a dozen years I should be ready for my first stripe on my white belt!

congrats nick!!

...now will you stop bugging me for one?!! :p

"I doubt anyone would, Aaron, unless, of course, they were a complete poof :)"

lol, dude, you know I was just being me, taking the piss as usual. You're an inspiration even to me.

You'll have to give me a purple stripe instead, Matty - or more BRACCA patches - it gets a bit lonely being the only BRACCA affiliate out here :P

Speaking of stripes, Aaron (tassiemmaloser) got his first blue stripe :) Special congrats goes to my good friend and weekend training partner :) Keep up the good work (well, minus the leg attacks )-: )

Congrats Nick! Definitely well deserved. Great for Jiu-jitsu de tasmania.

That's right! Fear my stripe.